I'm Marc Wieser


  • Age 21
  • Location Bordeaux, France
  • E-Mail marc.wieser33@gmail.com
  • Phone (+33)6 98365955
  • Available In March

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Hello! I’m Marc Wieser. I’m an inquisitive and determined developer. I like to be confronted to problems, to solve them and get out with an additional knowledge. What I like over all, is learning. I see my job like universe : impressive, in continuous improvment and with a lot of thing to discover.

Professional Skills

C++ 75%
Android 85%
HTML / CSS / JS / PHP 75%
Unity3D 50%
Unreal Engine 4 50%
Learning 99%


Viens tester ton skill


Viens tester ton skill

« Viens tester ton skill » is a Game Jam oriented to be accessible for High School student. I was part of the organization team and my mission was to be sure all students could create their games and understand how it works to create a game with Unity3D.

Coding Club


Coding Club (formerly Coding Game)

I participate actively in the Coding Club (formerly Coding Game) initiative as a teacher and organizer during my three first years at EPITECH. The goal of Coding Club is to show to high school students what IT development is and what cool we can do as a developer. We encourage them to try to do their own side project and ask to their questions during the day.

Artificial Escape


Artificial Escape

Artificial escape is a puzzle game on which you are an AI who have to escape from a laboratory during a war. Will you complete all the puzzles in order to get out ?


This game is developed with Unity3D.

Live coding : Animasia 2014


Live coding : Animasia 2014

Animasia is an event around Asia and gaming, and I was there to talk about video games development and I created a short-lived game  with the peoples’ ideas.




You search a file? Put it on your home screen with homecut!

Homecut able you to put any file easily on your home screen:
1 – Find the file thanks to your favourite file explorer
2 – Share the file with homecut

That’s it! The file is on your home screen




GrappBox is a project management tool specialized for IT project. It simplify the process and group in one place all the tools to manage a project from A to Z, from designing process to releasing. You can draw your project on a collaborative whiteboard, store your documents, centralize your issues, create and edit a GANTT, schedule your meetings and chat with your team or your client, and we detect if your project goes down and we advise you to take some actions.


Release Date : February 2017

AAD Google Certification


Associate Android Developer Google Certification

The Associate Android Developer certification is edited by google and demonstrate my skills on the following areas:

  • Testing
  • Debuging
  • User interface best practices
  • User expérience best practices
  • Fundamental application components
  • Persistent data storage
  • Enhanced system integration


2015 - Today

Information Technology Expert

European Institute of Technology

2012 - 2015

Information Technology Bachelor

European Institute of Technology

2009 - 2012

Scientific "Baccalauréat"

Lycée Jean Moulin

Work Experience

From March 2017


In your company

Sept 2015 - Today

Innovative developer


I have done projects like connected screens and new customer service tools.

Feb 2015 - July 2015

R&D Backend developer


My job here was to make a bot who read informations about startups on known website and create a knowledge graph from those informations

July 2013 - Dec 2013

Web developer


My mission was to develop and integrate e-commerce website based on Prestashop or Wordpress CMS.

My Hobbies

I like travelling to discover new cultures and new ways of thinking. But I also like to learn new things. To me, a day is good when I learn something. I always try to learn and this is for these reasons I was in South Korea during my 4th studying year : Discovering a new culture at the same time to learn everyday something new.

  • Learning
  • Movies
  • Drink cofee

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